Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Whole New Mind Super Summarizer Part 1

Being a right integrated person, my right brain would super summarize by just saying that the left brain has helped make our society rich, now our right brain has to show us how to enjoy it. We can't live on only one side of the brain without some kind of consequence. That said, my left brain then tells me that isn't detailed enough. So while my left brain works, my right brain and I are off to drink designer drinks, clean my toilet with a designer brush and plant some daisies. Good Luck!

The first chapter deals with the misconception of the role of the right and left brain. It wasn't until the 1950's when Roger W. Sperry reshaped our thoughts. After studying patients who had epileptic seizures, he found that the right hemisphere wasn't inferior to the left, just different.

We have found that our brains are contralateral, the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body; the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body.

The left hemisphere is sequential (the thousand words), literal, functional, it specializes in text and analyzes the details. The right hemisphere is simultaneous (it's the picture), it specializes in content (how it is said), metaphorical, aesthetic, and it synthesizes the big picture. The brain is designed to work together, we need both the ying and the yang!

In the Informationa Age computer programmers, organizations, and education emphasized the left brain attitudes. The Right -brain was underemphasized in jobs and in schools. We are now finding that the R-Directed will increasingly determine who soars and who stumbles.

In Chapter Two it tells us that because of Abundance, Asia, and Automation the L-Directed Thinking is swinging to having more of a R-Directed emphasis.

Abundance- It is no longer enough to create reasonabley priced and functional products. Now these products have to be highly designed, unique and meaningful.

Asia- Outsourcing for less money.

Automation- Times have been changing from John Henry and the Industrial Age to Garry Kasparov's chess competitions with the computer, to today's replacement of the left brain by the computer. Last century, machines proved they could replace human backs. This century, new technologies are proving they can replace human left brains. The right-directed thinkers will have to take over things that the databases can't do, such as counseling, mediation, courtroom storytelling, and other right directed services.

Chapter 3 talked about the 3-act drama. The Industrial Age, the Information Age and now the Conceptual Age which is centered around the R-Directed Thinking. We have moved from an economy built on people's backs to an economy built on people's left brains to an economy and society built more and more on people's right brains.

In educaiton, we are constantly chasing the Japanese in test scores, but they have already changed their educational system to foster creativity, artistry, and play. We are still driving our Ford Model T's from the Industrial Age while they are designing for the future. The funny thing is the car companies are on board with the Japanese in their Right Brain directed approach.

They say that an IQ only has a 4 to 10 percent influence on career success. Book smart and every day dumb they say!

With the maturing, (finally) of the Baby Boomer generation (yes I am one) comes the need for the Cultural Creatives. The Cultural Creatives insist on seeing the big picture. We will have to have a high-concept and high-touch aptitude to succeed in the new era.

Design, story, symphony, empathy, play and meaning will increasingly guide our lives and shape our world.

This part was good reading and informative. There was even enough pictures to keep me on track! Have a good day!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Book Cover for "A Whole New Mind"

This image (photo courtesy of 'Listen Missy') illustrates the 'turn' from the more linear way of teaching/thinking/processing/doing business. The dancers are looking towards the 'right,' as if that side of the brain that allows one to think outside the box (or to step out of line, as this photo shows), is asking them to hear the call to be even more creative, to embrace the strengths they already have and listen more closely to what the right side of the brain has to teach us.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Open it up!

The mind has been opened up... Our world as we know it is emerging. The six senses Daniel Pink talks about are design, story, symphony, empathy, play, & meaning. We all are capable of achieving these senses, but we have to open our minds to the concept. This "new" cover uses photoshop to show the mind opening... The crazy things we can do with technology are just the beginning to a whole new mind! This should be a very interesting read.
I selected this image for the book, A Whole New Mind, because based on the title, I felt I needed to go beyond what an actual brain looks like. The mind is an awful/wonderful thing. Imagination can be so beautiful and take us to wonderful places. It can also be scary and lead us to question our decisions and become very undertain. I also believe that we do not always know our own mind's potential. Each and every person has a logical and a creative side, some have more dominance than the other. It is how we utilize our mind that will determine our future.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I chose this image because these children represent those who have the "whole new mind".

Book Cover for a Whole New Mind

I choose this picture since the book is about how our old mind set of using the left brain will no longer make a person as successful in the future. In fact use of the right brain will lead a person to greater success in the future. In other words, success in our world is going to shift to the right brain thinkers instead of the left brain thinkers. I haven't gotten through the whole book yet but that is what I understand from my reading so far.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Grey Matter Doesn't Matter!

This visual explains perfectly the concept of the right brain, left brain in our digital era, The left brain visual shows the cold, under designed, calculating era of the Information Age. The right brain shows us inventiveness, empathy, joyfulness, and meaning in life and the work environment. There are no borders in this environment. It gives new meaning to grey matter and going green! This side will flourish and not flounder.
There were several other designs that I really would like, but in one picture, this design did it all in one look.

Welcome to Literature Circle Twenty-one!

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Section One--Due October 28, Judith Hansen
Section Two--Due November 4, Michelle Lipp
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